Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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 AUDJPY broke the trend line I posted about earlier in the day, it should be finishing up a 3rd wave here before the 5th wave.  This may or may not break the 80.50 low and I suspect that this will only be the A wave with a B wave correct and C down.



Looks like we still need that 4th wave to overlap wave one to finish up this Ending Diagonal in the EURUAD.



I Posted the possibility of the EURJPY bottoming here and creating a 5 wave impulse move higher. The count is still looking good but price needs to reverse now but more importantly price need to stay above 129.98. Note the Hidden Positive Divergence on the RSI.  This Divergence is common between the 2nd and 4th waves.

 EURJPY Hourly Chart


 Big Sell off in the EURUSD and a few other pairs overnight.  About half of that sell off has been recovered and I believe there is room for more upside before another wave of selling. Currently waiting for wave C of ii to complete before that selling resumes.

EURUSD Hourly Elliott Wave Count

GBPJPY is another pair that sold off overnight and has recovered nicely.  The pair recovered to the back to the 61.8% fib retrace and reversed from there.  Note the down slopping channel as price topped out. I am looking for the pair to bounce from the 148.3 area and head back above 150.60.

GBPJPY Short Term Chart


The GBPUSD joined the sell off party overnight and has also retraced to the 61.8% fib number.  Unlike the GBPJPY, the GBPUSD has not reversed, yet. I believe we have an A wave up with  leading diagonal and working on a B wave.  That should retrace rather deep before the C wave up to complete the wave ii.

GBPUSD Short term Chart


 Last is the USDJPY I looks to have completed the 4th wave of the ending diagonal and working on the 5th wave down.  This final wave should be in 3 waves with the A wave underway right now.

 USDJPY 15 MN Chart